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Welcome to the Web Site of the L. G. Leff Lab.

Our lab focuses on examining responses of microorganisms to their environment. Examples of current projects in the lab include:

  • Interactions between algae, including Microcystis, and bacteria
  • Effects of dissolved organic matter on denitrification in agricultural streams
  • Leaf decomposition in wetlands, streams and terrestrial systems
  • Response of bacteria to nutrient and carbon exposure
  • Antibiotic and metal resistance genes in urban streams

In each project, we use a variety of molecular biology techniques and microscopy to examine properties such as bacterial and fungal community structure, gene expression, diversity of denitrification genes, etc.

EARS - Environmental Resource Sensing
An NSF IGERT Training Program

Contact Information

AEM Contact Information

Dr. L. Leff, Former Editor, Applied and Environmental Microbiology

Dr. Laura G. Leff, Professor and Acting Chair

Dept. of Biological Sciences, Kent State University, Kent, OH 44242

_______________, 330-672-3788, lab:330-672-2071, fax 330-672-3713


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