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Wesam Nofal, (Doctoral candidate)

Generation and analysis of knock in mice where the gene for PP1g2 is replaced with the PP1g1 isoform. Spermatogenesis is normal in the knock in mice but males are infertile due to altered motiity and energy generation

Mustfa Kabi, <> (Doctoral candidate)

Role of epigenetic modification in gene expression in testis.

Cameron Brothag; (Doctoral candidate)
My interest is to determine the molecular basis for the requirement for GSK3a in sperm for male fertility. I have identified a protein present in sperm that binds to GSK3a in an isoform specific manner.
Souvik Dey ; (Post- Doctoral Fellow)

My research focuses on the elucidation of signal transduction mechanism regulating sperm Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 (GSK3) activity under influence of cAMP-PKA axis. It also includes the identification of the isoform-specific functions of GSK3α enzyme in relation to fertilization potential of mouse spermatozoa. This facet of my research endeavor involves the identification of binding partners of GSK3 using chemical-genetics based proteomics approach and conventional biochemical ways using wild type and knock-out mice.

Sumit Bhutada (Post Doctoral Fellow)


Past Members Of The Lab


Rahul Battaharjee (Ph.D.

Suranjana Goswami (Ph.D)

Tejasvi Dudki (Ph.D)

Lina Cheng (Ph.D)

Manu Puri (Ph.D)

Nilam Sinha (Ph.D)

Nidaa Awaja (Ph.D)

Vinay Pasupuleti (MS)

Rumela Chakrabarti (Ph.D)

John Ferrera (MS)

Zaohua Huang (Ph.D)



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